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Spray, Paint and Sanding Booths

Multiple designs and solutions

Paint Star
  • Two stage filtration
  • Low draft and low turbulence collection
  • Total open face collection area
  • Easy filter replacement and change-out
Paint Star T
  • Two stage filtration
  • Ideal for small spray painting
  • Light hand sanding
  • Compact and quiet
Paint Star M
  • Two stage filtration
  • Modular system
  • Custom designed per client required
  • Custom widths and heights
  • Excellent price to performance ratio
Paint Star U
  • Two stage filtration
  • Under floor or false floor filtering system
  • Offer much more free moving and working area
  • Collects paint spray in its natural flow path "Downward"
  • Can be combined with extraction walls
  • High levels of separation
  • Suited for large amounts of overspray
  • Controlled by producing a very fine spray
  • Integrated separators guarantee a dry air return
Filter Media
  • Concertina Filter
  • DIN 53438, allowed for class K1/F1
  • High filter load capacity
  • Special filters can be supplied for specific operations of finishing
  • Long filter life